Saturday, October 6, 2007

faves from pat

discovered this little gem last week (don't know how i overlooked it). and you all thought i was exaggerating about's pat's childhood glasses in my last post?

in honor of pat's b-day, i thought that i would write about pat's influence on me. while i can't say that he has totally changed me (thankfully he doesn't endeavor to try), i do feel i am better due to his influence. so here are just a few things that he has taught me over the years intermixed with some pictures of how our family has grown.
  • one of pat's great loves (other than me) is music; i have grown to love many songs that he has introduced me to. through much more effort and time than was necessary, i have created a playlist with a small sampling of some my favorite songs from pat. there were quite a few faves that i couldn't locate to download; i was still able to represent some of those artists with other songs, but was disappointed that i couldn't find more of my favorites. (after hours of fruitless searching, i realized that i couldn't download any songs from my itunes playlist to the blog.) despite these frustrations, i hope you enjoy my playlist. it will play automatically for the next few weeks and then i'll turn the automatic switch off.

(eight months after we were married, we both graduated from BYU)

  1. laugh at yourself
  2. don't worry, be happy (in other words, don't overthink.)
  3. the difference between what the make and model of a car is.
  4. a man can never own too many knives
  5. as americans, we pronounce many italian foods incorrectly. (frankly, i don't care that i pronounce them incorretly - but i have LEARNED FROM PAT that i do this.)
  6. be supportive
  7. find the humor in life

(here's how our family has grown: one child at a time. future posts will use the passing of years rather than additional children to demonstrate growth in our family.)

here are a few things that i hope to eventually learn from pat:

  1. keep a journal faithfully
  2. be patient
  3. don't let an unpaid bill sit around (thankfully he pays the bills)
  4. be concise
  5. don't waste time regretting things you cannot change
  6. be prompt
  7. "a soft answer turneth away wrath" (i greatly appreciate this one!)
  8. write nice love letters to your spouse on occasion

pat, thank you for your influence; you truly "complete me" (and any other

cheesy movie quote that you can think of.)

(bonus picture: like father, like son)

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Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed your post, and I loved the picture with the glasses. I have a few of my own and Herb still laughs uncontrolably every time he sees them.

Great family picture!

LaughAtMe-Laurel said...

You guys are sooooo cute! I LOVE the graduation picture.

Oh, and AGAIN...I'm laughing OUT LOUD at your blog! I LOVE your quotables!!!!!

Ken, Chelsea and Isaac said...

Just talked to you on the phone and thought I would come to check out your blog again. (These are two of my favorite things in my current boring-and-sitting-and-waiting life.)

Love the picture taken eight months after your wedding! You guys looked so happy and you were so beautiful (still are)! And love the tribute. Those are very sweet things you wrote about him. The more I know Pat, the more I am sure you guys are “made for each other”. He sure is wonderful man!

Love you and always enjoy talking with you!

Amanda said...

April, these pictures are gems! Oh Pat. I love the graduation pic! Grace has your smile. You two seems like the perfect match for each other!


"is that lily holding baby lily?" -lily's response when i showed her a picture of gracie holding her when lily was a baby.

"drama class is actually a lot of fun." -gracie (this is only humorous in that grace seemed surprised by how much she likes drama class. this from my child who we refer to as "a drama queen" when she is not around.)

"mom, you can go with my teacher and i'll stay home with japie and evan. daddy can go to work, and i'll be the mommy" -lily, in response to learning that she would be going to preschool next year instead of this year.

"mom, if you don't get rid of that smell soon, you're going to have to buy a new car." -gracie when it took me a couple of days to clean out my car after returning from a road trip.

"mommy, they have dress-ups for you!" -lily while walking by the prom dress section at macy's.

"i said the prayer "last"-erday." -lily's replacement word for "yesterday."