Saturday, July 12, 2008

in memory

pat's father passed away this past monday night. the funeral was today and was very uplifting. it was great to hear so many kinds words spoken about his father. michael hinckley was a great man and i was so fortunate to have him as a father-in-law. we were able to say good-bye in person as we arrived in utah last sunday evening. there has been so much kindness this past week and we have had sure reminders of God's concern and love for Mike, Jean and our family.

i'll write more when i return home on july 20th. for now, please go to this post written by my sister-in-law to see pictures and read more. (ok, i'm on a mac right now and i don't know how to set up a link. just click on the link for stuckihouse on the side and you will be able to see post that i'm referring to. i'll set up link when i return home.)


"is that lily holding baby lily?" -lily's response when i showed her a picture of gracie holding her when lily was a baby.

"drama class is actually a lot of fun." -gracie (this is only humorous in that grace seemed surprised by how much she likes drama class. this from my child who we refer to as "a drama queen" when she is not around.)

"mom, you can go with my teacher and i'll stay home with japie and evan. daddy can go to work, and i'll be the mommy" -lily, in response to learning that she would be going to preschool next year instead of this year.

"mom, if you don't get rid of that smell soon, you're going to have to buy a new car." -gracie when it took me a couple of days to clean out my car after returning from a road trip.

"mommy, they have dress-ups for you!" -lily while walking by the prom dress section at macy's.

"i said the prayer "last"-erday." -lily's replacement word for "yesterday."